Thierry Bouffeteau

Thierry Bouffeteau was born in France in 1954.

He studied at the Bath Academy of Art in Corsham (UK) graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
He worked as stage designer for the Bristol Opera Company (designing operas like Aida by Verdi and The Saint of Bleeker Street by Menotti) and was assistant designer to Peter Docherty on various ballet productions.

In 1983 he moved to Italy and settled in Rome.

Here, he worked as assistant production designer on movies such as: "The Last Days of Pompeii" by Peter Hunt, "Rose rosso sangue" and "Dido and Aeneas" by R. Marcucci and "I ragazzi di Via Panisperna" by G. Amelio).
At the end of the 1980s he began to devote himself to designing and painting interior decorations.

Thierry Bouffeteau is an extremely versatile artist. His curiosity drives him to constantly explore new techniques and styles, and he has embarked on a wide range of projects with enormous success in the course of his career.

He has decorated private houses as well as restaurants, cafés and shops, and created patine, faux bois, faux marbre, trompe l’oeil, ornamental patterns and decorative paintings in many different styles from antique to modern.